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HTML Tag Reference

Alphabetical List of Tags

A (anchor or link)

ADDRESS (address format)

APPLET (Java applet)

AREA (area of image map)

B (boldface)

BASE (base URL)

BASEFONT (default font size)

BIG (bigger font size)

BLINK (blinking text)

BLOCKQUOTE (indented block of text)

BODY (main content of document)

BR (line break)

CAPTION (table caption)

CENTER (centered content)

CITE (inline citation)

CODE (inline code)


DD (definition description)

DIR (directory list)

DIV (section of a document)

DL (definition list)

DT (definition term)

EM (emphasized text)

EMBED (embedded plug-in)

FONT (font color, face, and size)

FORM (form for user input)

FRAME (window region)

FRAMESET (set of frames)

H1 through H6 (standard headings)

HEAD (document header)

HR (horizontal rule)

HTML (outermost tag)

I (italic)

ILAYER (inline layer)

IMG (image)

INPUT (input element in a form)

ISINDEX (searchable index)

KBD (keyboard text)

KEYGEN (generate key material)

LAYER (positioned HTML content)

LI (list item)

LINK (link to external files)

MAP (mapping information for image map)

MENU (list of simple items)

META (metadocument information)

MULTICOL (multiple column formatting)

NOBR (no break)

NOEMBED (alternative text for embedded objects)

NOFRAMES (alternative text for frames)

NOLAYER (alternative text for layers)

NOSCRIPT (alternative text for JavaScript)

OBJECT (embedded object)

OL (ordered list)

OPTION (option in a SELECT list)

P (paragraph)

PARAM (parameter for an applet)

PLAINTEXT (display rest of document as-is)

PRE (preformatted text, fixed-width font)

S (strikeout type)

SCRIPT (client-side JavaScript code)

SELECT (selection list in a form)

SERVER (server-side script)

SMALL (smaller font size)

SPACER (extra space)

SPAN (span of content)

STRIKE (strikeout type)

STRONG (strong emphasis)

STYLE (style definition)

SUB (subscript)

SUP (superscript)

TABLE (table)

TD (table data)

TEXTAREA (text field on a form)

TH (table heading)

TITLE (document title)

TR (table row)

TT (typewriter font)

U (underline)

UL (unordered list)

VAR (variable)

WBR (word break)

XMP (sequence of literal characters)

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