Button, Password, Hidden, and Submit Input Elements

<FORM NAME="LoginForm" METHOD=POST ACTION="urlToInvoke"> <P>User name: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="userName" SIZE="10"> <P>Password: <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password" SIZE="12" VALUE="treasure"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="DefaultPass" VALUE="treasure"> <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Log in"> <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Cancel" onClick="window.close()"> </FORM>

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Checkbox and Radio Button Input Elements

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="urlToInvoke"> <P>Specify your music preferences (check all that apply):</P> <P><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_rnb" CHECKED> R&B <BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_jazz" CHECKED> Jazz <BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_blues" CHECKED> Blues <BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_newage" CHECKED> New Age <P>Choose a Category of Room: <UL> <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="category" VALUE="liv" CHECKED> Living <BR> <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="category" VALUE="din"> Dining <BR> <INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="category" VALUE="bed"> Bedroom </UL> </FORM>

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New Age

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File Input Element

<FORM ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="urlToInvoke" METHOD="POST"> <P>First name: <INPUT TYPE="text"> <P>Last name: <INPUT TYPE="text"> <P>Brief description of the problem: <P><INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="45"> <P>Please attach a file with your event log. <P>File name:<INPUT TYPE="file"> <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit Report"> </FORM>

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Please attach a file with your event log.

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Image, Reset, and Text Input Elements

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="urlToInvoke"> <P>First name: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="first_name" VALUE="first name" SIZE="25"> <P>Last name: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="last_name" VALUE="last name" SIZE="25"> <P>State: </B><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="state" VALUE="CA" SIZE="2"> <P><INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Form"> <P><INPUT TYPE="image" SRC="images/submit.gif" > </FORM>

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Selection Lists

<FORM> <B>Shipping method:</B><BR> <SELECT > <OPTION> Standard <OPTION SELECTED> 2-day <OPTION> Overnight </SELECT> <P>Music types for your free CDs:</P> <SELECT NAME="music_type_multi" MULTIPLE> <OPTION> R&B <OPTION> Jazz <OPTION> Blues <OPTION> Folk <OPTION> Country </SELECT> <P>Choose a fruit: <SELECT NAME="fruit_choices" MULTIPLE SIZE=4> <OPTION>Apples <OPTION SELECTED>Bananas <OPTION>Cherries <OPTION>Oranges <OPTION>Pineapple <OPTION>Figs <OPTION>Guava </SELECT> </FORM>

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Music types for your free CDs:

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Text Area

<FORM> <P>Describe your problem here:</P> <TEXTAREA NAME="item_description" COLS=40 ROWS="4" WRAP="SOFT"> For faster response, include a full description of your problem, and tell us what hardware configuration you are using. Also include your registration number. </TEXTAREA> </FORM>

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