deploytool Tips for Entity Beans with Bean-Managed Persistence

Chapter 25 gives step-by-step instructions for creating and packaging a session bean. To build an entity bean, you follow the same procedures, but with the following exceptions.

  1. In the New Enterprise Bean wizard, specify the bean's type and persistent management.
    1. In the General dialog box, select the Entity radio button.
    2. In the Entity Settings dialog box, select Bean-Managed Persistence.
  2. In the Resource Ref's tab, specify the resource factories referenced by the bean. These settings enable the bean to connect to the database. For more information on resource references, see Database Connections.
  3. Before you deploy the bean, verify that the JNDI names are correct.
    1. Select the application from the tree.
    2. Click the Sun-specific Settings button.
    3. Select JNDI Names in the View combo-box.